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A warm welcome indeed! I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Professorship of Geoinformation Systems at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany. I am currently working as project manager in the GLUES project in which a Scientific Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) is implemented. The focus is on scientific data that relates to land management under consideration of climate and socio-economic changes. Before moving to Dresden I was scientific associate at the AGIS research group, University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Germany. In 2009 I finished my PhD there. The thesis deals with reasoning and satisfiability of spatial semantic integrity constraints. In 2003 I was research assistant at the Fraunhofer IDG, Darmstadt, where I also wrote my diploma thesis on the “Conception and Implementation of a multimedia Location Based Service for Mobile Devices”.
My research interests include spatial relations and reasoning, spatial class relations and (semantic) integrity constraints, reasoning on conceptual schemas, spatial data infrastructures, spatial data quality and usability evaluation.

2nd AGILE PhD School 2013

October 2013

I co-organized the second AGILE PhD-School, which was a great experience for me. The PhD-School took place from Sept. 30th till Oct. 2nd 2013 in Frauenwörth, Lake Chiemsee, Germany. The Benedictine abbey of Frauenwörth provided excellent conditions for the event. We had 12 participants mainly from European Universities, but also from Israel and Japan. The proceedings have been published as CEUR workshop proceedings .
Participants of the 2nd AGILE PHD School

Proceedings of the Dagstuhl Seminar on “Automated Reasoning on Conceptual Schemas” available

October 2013

The proceedings of the Dagstuhl Seminar 13211 on “Automated Reasoning on Conceptual Schemas” that took place in May 2013 are now available. The event has been interesting and inspiring and the location of Dagstuhl is just great for such seminars. My presentation can be found here here.

2nd AGILE PhD School 2013: Call for position papers

May 2013

I am co-organizing the 2nd AGILE PhD-School 2013 that will take place from 30th September till 2nd October at the the Benedictine abbey of Frauenwörth on the “Fraueninsel”, an island located in Lake Chiemsee, Germany. The AGILE PhD school is aiming at bringing together PhD students who are currently working on their theses. The call for position papers has now been published with the deadline 30th June 2013.

Two Papers Accepted

March 2013

I am coauthor of a paper about “Scientific Geodata Infrastructures: challenges, approaches and directions” that will be published in a special issue of the International Journal of Digital Earth. The second paper is titled “Provenance Information in Geodata Infrastructures”. It is a full paper at the AGILE 2013 conference and will be presented by the main author Christin Henzen.

Training Course for Chinese Delegation

March 2013

group picture with 3 chinese lecturers an me

A group of Chinese lecturers visited our university to prepare for building a new bachelor course for “Traffic Telematics” in Beijing. As part of that, I provided a training course about geodata infrastructures to three delegates from the Beijing Vocational College of Transportation (from left: Li Wei, Mao Yujie and Yu Tao). I have been really impressed by their curiosity and lasting attentiveness during the course. The cooperation has been organized by the TU Dresden Institute for Further and Continuing Education GmbH (TUD FaCE).

Book Chapter Published

February 2013

Cognitive and Linguistic Aspects of Geographic Space Book Cover

I contributed a chapter to the book “Cognitive and Linguistic Aspects of Geographic Space” which has now been published in the Springer series “Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography” (Editors: Raubal, M.; Mark, D.M.; Frank, A.U.). The book reports the results of the 20th anniversary meeting in Las Navas del Marques, Avila, Spain, July 2010. My chapter provides a summary of research and a discussion of open issues for future work on class relation reasoning. (download)

Presentation at the gdi.initiative.sachsen

November 2012

At the yearly member meeting of the gdi.initiative.sachsen I presented the results of a little project we did in collaboration with the GeoSN. Topic was the preparation of INSPIRE conform geodata.

Presentation at the “Seminar GIS & Internet”

September 2012

I have been invited to give a presentation at the Seminar GIS & Internet 2012 at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich, my old workplace. Title: “Wissenschaftliche Umweltdaten in Geodateninfrastrukturen”. The corresponding publication can be found here (pp 15-20, also in German).

Dagstuhl Seminar “Automated Reasoning on Conceptual Schemas” (13211)

August 2012

I am invited to attend the forthcoming Dagstuhl Seminar, "Automated Reasoning on Conceptual Schemas" (13211), to be held at Schloss Dagstuhl in Germany in May 2013. This will be my second time at Dagstuhl and I am really looking forward to this event.

Accepted Paper in GAIA Journal

February 2012

I am coauthor of a paper that will be published in the first issue 2012 of GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society (hopefully). Title: “Land management and ecosystem services: How collaborative research programmes can support better policies”. Thanks to the main authors: Florian Eppink, Ralf Seppelt and Andreas Werntze (colleagues in the GLUES project from UFZ Leipzig).

Workshop on Testing Geospatial Web Services & Scientific SDIs

January 2012

I am co-organizing a workshop on “Testing Geospatial Web Services & Scientific SDIs”. The full day workshop will be held in conjunction with the 15th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science in Avignon, France, on 24th April 2012. Deadline of the call for presentations is 1st March 2012.
Deadline has been extended to 15th March!

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